Poshan Thapa

Poshan Thapa

Research Student

PhD in Public Health - Integration of informal healthcare providers in tuberculosis reporting system: A mHealth initiative in India

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MPH in Epidemiology

The reason I decided to enrol in a research degree at the School of Public Health and Community Medicine, UNSW was because I was inspired by the UNSW 2025 strategic plan which aims to support researchers to tackle real-world problems. Furthermore, the School of Public Health and Community Health is a leader in Public Health education with a vibrant research and academic environment.

Summary of research project

Informal healthcare providers (IPs) deliver a significant proportion of primary care in developing countries, and my study aims to understand feasibility to integrate IPs in TB notification system in India. From a policy perspective, my study findings will contribute to understating the role of IPs in an integrated health system.

Enjoyed the most about research program

I like working on my research project as it fits with my interest. I enjoy connecting with researchers and attending different research workshops and symposiums. The student community is diverse and rich, offering endless opportunities to learn from teammates.

Message to newly commencing students

If you are looking for a world-class learning and research experience, you are welcome to Australia’s Global University.

How will degree assist in your career

I am confident that my four years at UNSW will help to develop new research skills, build excellent network and collaboration, and grow as a leader in Global Health.