Ran Yi

Ran Yi

PhD Candidate
Arts, Design & Architecture
School of Humanities & Languages

Supervisors: Sandra Hale, Ludmila Stern, Natalie Martschuk 

Ran is a licensed practitioner with prior work experience as a staff interpreter in institutional settings. Together with her advisers, she undertakes practice-informed research and interdisciplinary knowledge exchange about linguistic equity, and interpreters in court, with a focus on migrants from the Global South. Her ongoing doctoral research project investigates the under-explored aspect of the accuracy of interpreting the manner in which lawyers phrase their questions and the defendant gives testimony and the implications for judicial outcomes in technology-enabled remote interpreting during courtroom examinations. Read my life story in 3-minutes:

Bridging Voices: From China and North Korea's Borders to Linguistic Equity in Australia

  • Court interpreting
  • Linguistic equity
  • Procedural justice for migrants


Funded Research Projects

  • Assessing the Manner of Speech in Australian Courtrooms (AS$5,000) awarded by UNSW Sydney, 2021
  • Lawyering or Interpreting: Dealing with Linguistic Evidence in Common Law
  • Courtrooms (AS$3,000) awarded by UNSW Sydney, 2023


  • National Scholarship, Ministry of Education, China
  • PGC PhD Research Award, UNSW Sydney
  • UK Alumni Achievements Award

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