Dr Sanaa Hobeichi
Post Doctoral Research Fellow

Dr Sanaa Hobeichi


Sanaa Hobeichi is a post-doctoral researcher at the CCRC and the ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate Extremes (CLEX). Her key interests are improving the estimates of the surface terrestrial water and energy budgets, and applying machine learning to aid climate change/extremes research. She developed Derived Optimal Linear Combination Evapotranspiration (DOLCE), and Linear Optimal Runoff Aggregates (LORA) monthly gridded dataset. She also developed Conserving Land-Atmosphere Synthesis Suite (CLASS), monthly gridded estimates of simultaneously balanced surface water and energy budget components and their uncertainties. Sanaa is passionate about enhancing climate science education among secondary-school students. She is part of the knowledge brokerage team at CLEX, and she leads a school resources development initiative. In this role, she works with secondary school teachers, climate experts, and climate science communication specialists to develop teaching resources that integrate climate science research into the Australian Curriculum.

Field of research

  • Land Surface Processes