Sibo Zhang headshot
PhD Student

Sibo Zhang

Faculty of Business
School of Marketing

Sibo Zhang is a PhD student in the School of Marketing at the University of New South Wales (UNSW). He was awarded a bachelor’s degree by Krannert School of Management at Purdue University in the US with a triple major in Economics, Industrial Management, and Management. He earned two master’s degrees from UNSW including a major in Information Technology with an achievement for excellence as well as a Master of Pre-Doctoral Business Studies Degree with high distinction.

He is fascinated by improving the world through better marketing practices, particularly by tackling issues related to data privacy and customer lifecycle. His PhD thesis focuses on investigating data privacy challenges in marketing activities to strike a balance between customer privacy and customer personalization, using primary survey data, empirical data, and econometric models. Sibo aims to uncover the unseen dynamics of data privacy in modern marketing practices, hoping to contribute valuable insights to the field.

Prior to the PhD program, Sibo built a strong career in both academia and industry. He worked as a research assistant on projects related to unstructured data in social media, applying techniques such as web scraping, machine learning, and regression models. He also held positions as a Business Analyst at Cummins, Inc, United States, and as a Data Analyst at two start-up companies in the fintech and retail industries. While pursuing his Master of Information Technology at UNSW, he won the 2021 Melbourne Business Analytics Datathon competition, showing his deep understanding of computer science and his ability to apply these skills in a practical setting. With this strong academic background and practical experience, Sibo has built a solid foundation as a future researcher in the field of marketing.


School of Marketing, Room 3003, Level 3, Quadrangle Building (E15), UNSW Sydney, 2052

  • 2023 University International Postgraduate Award (UIPA) Scholarship
  • 2022 Master of Pre-Doctoral Business Studies Scholarship
  • 2021 Melbourne Business Analytics Datathon Case Competition “Top student team” and “Third Place in Professional Team” with 7,500 AUD cash reward
  • 2019 International Academic Excellence Scholarship
  • 2023 Mentorship at UNSW Peer Mentoring Program