Raymond Wang headshot

Zhixiang (Raymond) Wang

PhD Student
Business School
School of Management and Governance

Raymond Wang is a PhD candidate in the School of Management and Governance. Prior to joining UNSW, he earned his master degree in management, bachelor (honour) degree of commerce, and bachelor of international business at Monash University. Mr Wang has a research interest in Leadership studies, particularly the influence different personality traits have towards leadership effectiveness and leadership styles. He also has several years of experience in entrepreneurship, co-founded a technology company in Mainland China. Currently, Mr Wang is both a researcher and a tutor at UNSW, teaching a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses at UNSW. Aside from his academic credentials, Mr Wang is a multilinguist and a kpop dance teacher.

Master of Predoctoral Business—UNSW (2021)

Master of Management, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia (2020)

Bachelor of Commerce (Honors), Monash University, Melbourne, Australia (2019)

Bachelor of International Business, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia (2017-2018)