The Centre for Molecular Oncology, a new research centre established within the School of Biomedical Sciences is dedicated to advancing the understanding and treatment of cancer.  

The Centre for Molecular Oncology applies basic, translational and clinical approaches to understanding cancer biology through patient-centred discovery programs, and uses this information to improve patient outcomes through clinical trials. 

A major program of work within the Centre for Molecular Oncology is the national precision oncology platform called PrOSPeCT, a $190M public:private initiative which seeks to establish precision oncology across Australia. Other areas of focus are large-scale genetic risk cohorts focused on sarcomas and early onset cancers, leading to personalised risk-stratified early detection programs using novel technologies such as whole body MRI and blood-based screening.


The team

Prefix Name Role
Associate Professor Mandy Ballinger Deputy Director
Ms Uttra Benton Centre Manager 
Ms Lynda Whiting Executive Assistant
Ms Sanjukta Sengupta Research Assistant
Miss Megan Chappell Research Assistant
Miss Emilija Shilkovska Research Assistant
Mr Tom Salmon Research Assistant
Mr Mo Getahun Research Assistant
Ms Usha Luckock Research Assistant
Ms Abby Moran Research Assistant
Ms Alexandra Laitly Research Officer
Ms Alyne Gollon Bioinformatics RA
Ms Amelia Mifsud Operations Officer
Mr Anthony Xu Bioinformatics RA
Dr Betty Zhang Visiting Fellow
Ms Beverley Murrow Program Manager
Ms Caoimhe Kelly Research Assistant
Dr Christine Napier Senior Program Manager
Miss Eira Wyn Beverley-Stone Research Officer
Mrs Emily Collignon Senior Program Manager
Dr Emma Hawksworth Research Assistant
Miss Giulia Campos Research Assistant
Miss Isabelle Bozinovska Research Officer
Mrs Jacqueline Wright Research Assistant
Mr James Lu Research Assistant
Mr John Grady Senior Manager
Mr Andy Kim Research Assistant
Ms Sephira Li Research Assistant
Mr Keith Thornton Clinical Trial Manager
Miss Laura Manuel Senior Program Manager
Miss Lina Angeleski Research Assistant
Ms Nadia Ferris Research Assistant
Miss Olivia Turnbull Data Research Officer
Mr Qinson Ong Research Assistant
Mrs Sara Evans Research Assistant
Ms Sarah Lynch Research Assistant
Mrs Valeria Zak Research Assistant
Ms Tori Wilkinson Research Assistant
Ms Yun Cheah Research Assistant
Ms Zasiah Zia Research Assistant