The Student Mental Health Research team aims to enhance the mental health and wellbeing of university students by developing and evaluating novel initiatives to support student mental health. This new research team launched in early 2022, is a joint initiative between the Disciplineo of Psychiatry & Mental Health and the Black Dog Institute, utilising the combined expertise of these two groups for the advancement of research to improve student mental health and wellbeing.

Our goals

Our primary objectives are to identify and understand key issues impacting on university student mental health and generate and test novel initiatives to support mental health and wellbeing in this cohort.

The student mental health team aims to:

  • improve our knowledge of the rates of different mental health conditions within the student population

  • identify risk factors, facilitators and barriers to care 

  • pilot trials of new interventions to enhance student mental health and wellbeing, particularly in vulnerable groups.

Research Strengths

  • Population level research

  • Clinical research

  • Digital mental health research

  • Qualitative research 

Our experts

Psychiatrist (UNSW Health Service) & Adjunct Senior Lecturer (School of Psychiatry)  Rohan Francis-Taylor
Psychiatrist (UNSW Health Service) & Adjunct Senior Lecturer (School of Psychiatry)
Chair of Forensic Mental Health Kimberlie Dean
Chair of Forensic Mental Health
Senior Research Fellow Mark Deady
Senior Research Fellow