Dr Rohan Francis-Taylor
Senior Lecturer

Dr Rohan Francis-Taylor


B Lib Stu (Int), MBBS, PhD, FRANZCP, Cert Old Age Psych 


Medicine & Health
School of Clinical Medicine


Dr Rohan Francis-Taylor is a Psychiatrist, Senior Lecturer at the University of New South Wales & External Research Fellow at the Black Dog Institute.

Rohan completed a Bachelor of Liberal Studies (International) in 2006, and MBBS in 2010, at the University of Sydney. He is a Fellow of the Royal Australian & New Zealand College of Psychiatrists, and has worked in both public and private mental health settings over the last decade. Rohan completed his PhD at UNSW in 2021, with his early research focused on the optimisation of neurostimulation treatments for depression. 

In 2022 Rohan he commenced a clinical academic position at UNSW focused on student mental health and wellbeing. Rohan provides clinical services to students in the UNSW health service, and is engaged in a range of research projects with the broad aim of enhancing university student mental health and wellbeing.

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Current projects include:

- Retrospective analysis of university health service data 

- Evaluation of novel peer support initiatives to support HDR mental health and wellbeing

- Development and testing of digital intervention to enhance medical student mental health and wellbeing (SHIFT app) 

- Evaluation of "self-care" days initiative for medical students

- Delphi study assessing priorities in student mental health & wellbeing research