Check out the admissions requirements and application process on the UNSW Research website. You can review the SPH research groups and academics section to look for a research area and supervisor. Please contact the academic directly to discuss potential projects and supervision.

Applicants applying for SPH programs should complete the Research Plan form with their nominated supervisor and ensure they follow the SPH research proposal guidelines when completing the form.

To determine your eligibility, we need the following information in your Curriculum Vitae (CV):

  • For each degree, the year in which it was awarded.
  • Number of full-time equivalent (FTE) years completed in your undergraduate degree (i.e., bachelor degree).
  • Number of FTE years of study completed in your postgraduate degree, such as a masters degree.
  • If your degree included a research dissertation component, indicate the proportion or percentage of the degree studies that was devoted to that research.
  • The overall weighted average mark (WAM) or grade point average (GPA) achieved in your most recent degree. If you have a GPA then indicate the maximum possible GPA for the degree.
  • The number of full-time equivalent years involved in research activities after, or independently, of your degree studies (not including the time in your undergraduate/postgraduate degrees)

Full-time equivalent (FTE) means, for example, that if you were studying part time for 1 year, then the FTE is 6 months or 0.5 years.

Your CV should also include a precise and accurate description of your current or previous research experience outside of your studies, with a brief but informative outline of your role in that research.