Advance your career and improve collective health outcomes. Whether through health population, public health policy, research or biostatistics, our courses will help you make an impact on global health populations.

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    Bachelor of International Public Health (BIPH) Core Courses Summer 2024 Term 1 2024 Term 2 2024 Term 3 2024
    PHCM1001 International Indigenous Health       Available
    PHCM1002 Introduction to Public Health   Available    
    PHCM1003 Global Health   Available    
    PHCM1004 Health Promotion     Available  
    PHCM2001 Epidemiology   Available    
    PHCM2002 Biostatistics     Available  
    PHCM2004 Communicable Disease   Available    
    PHCM2005 Principles of Prevention & Public Health Surveillance       Available
    PHCM2006 Public Health Policy and Programs     Available  
    PHCM2007 Health Leadership       Available
    PHCM2009 Evaluating Chronic Disease Programs     Available  
    PHCM3001 Ethics and Law   Available    
    PHCM3003 Public Health Capstone Available Available* Available* Available
    PHCM3005 Global Health Systems   Available    
    PHCM3007 Applied Public Health Practice     Available  
    PHCM3010 Environmental Health     Available  

    *The capstone course PHCM3003 will only be offered in Term 1 and Term 2 2024 in particular situations and by application.

    Electives (students should check their individual programs or specialisations for specific elective requirements) Summer 2024 Term 1 2024 Term 2 2024 Term 3 2024
    ARTS1753 Culture, Experience and Change       Available
    ARTS1900 Gendered Worlds: Introduction to Gender Studies       Available
    ARTS2242 The Politics of Climate Change       Available
    ARTS2248 Disasters and Society     Available  
    ARTS2751 International Development       Available
    ATSI2014 Indigenous People and Policy   Available    
    BEES2680 Introduction to science communication     Available  
    BEIL0011 Healthy Planning     Available  
    BENV1043 Multimedia in Design Presentation   Available    
    CLIM1001 Introduction to Climate Change     Available Available
    COMM1000 Creating Social Change: From Innovation to Impact Available   Available Available
    CRIM3022 Public Health and Corrections     Available  
    DATA1001 Introduction to Data Science and Decisions     Available  
    PHCM3004 Women's and Children's Health       Available
    SOSS1001 Social Research and Society       Available
    SOSS2001 Qualitative Social Research   Available    
    SOSS2005 Politics and Policy     Available  
    YMED3004 Behavioural and Mental Disorders   Available   Available
    YMED3005 - Economics for Health Majors Available   Available