The Design & Art of Australia Online (DAAO) archive provides global exposure for Australian scholarship on art and design, along with tangible economic, social and cultural benefits toward the sustainability of cultural industries. The next generation of the DAAO will enable cultural policy to be informed by an expanded and growing collection of scholarly research. It contributes to national digital humanities infrastructure by collaboratively working toward efficient discovery of data and interoperative infrastructure. Moreover the DAAO has potential as an enabling technology for Australia's Indigenous visual arts and craft sector in meeting the challenges of unethical conduct, sustainability and further developing international markets.

Prof Vivien J Johnson, A/Prof Joanna Mendelssohn, Mr Andrew M Wells, Prof Ross R Harley, A/Prof Leong K Chan, Prof Jill Bennett, Dr Catherine M De Lorenzo, Dr Judith O'Callaghan, Prof Roger H Benjamin, Prof Colin Rhodes, Dr Anita J Callaway, Dr Catriona D Moore, Dr Caroline W Jordan, Dr Pamela J Zeplin, Dr Catherine M Speck, Ms Fiona Salmon, Dr Juliette M Peers, Dr Ian A McLean, Dr Darren Jorgensen, Prof Jonathan H Holmes, A/Prof Andrew E McNamara

Approved Project Title
Design and art of Australia online, a transformation of the dictionary of Australian artists online


Partner/Collaborating Organisation(s)
National Library of Australia, National Portrait Gallery, State Library of New South Wales

La Trobe University, Queensland University of Technology, RMIT University, The Flinders University of South Australia, The University of Adelaide, The University of Sydney, The University of Western Australia, University of South Australia, University of Tasmania