Miles Park, BE Industrial Design Program Director has recently been part of a team commissioned to design a new trophy for the Peter Farrell Challenge Cup Competition.

The competition required students to pitch their business ideas to a panel of entrepreneurial experts. The competition is open to all UNSW students, and to teams containing at least one enrolled UNSW student.

To mark the 10th year of the competition a new trophy was commissioned. The design team included Miles Park from Industrial Design at UNSW, Selena Griffith from COFA, and Andrew Simpson and Hugh Worthington from Vert Design. The successful and productive collaboration enabled a fast turnaround from concept design to production pieces within one month. Hugh, a recent UNSW Industrial Design graduate, has developed an innovative and low cost metal casting process that cleverly combines aspects of sand casting with investment casting. This ‘lost foam’ casting process was ideal for the project as it requires no expensive tooling and moulds can be quickly prepared using mostly readily available workshop materials.

The concept for the design was to expresses the process entrepreneurial teams would follow in developing their ‘roughly formed’ business ideas into ‘polished’ and persuasive presentations. The design contrasts the rough outer and the polished inner surfaces of the recycled aluminium cast cup. In addition, the choice of using the lost foam casting process resonates with the competition theme of innovation.