The Australian Centre for Commercial Mathematics (ACCM) is a newly created centre of the School of Mathematics and Statistics, formed in January 2011. The ACCM's mission is to conduct projects with industry to solve complex problems using advanced mathematics and statistics. It satisfies the so far unmet demand for mathematical expertise on industrial projects based in NSW and Australia-wide. As such it provides an opportunity for creating novel applications of mathematics as well as contributing to new areas of research and adding commercial value to clients.

The ACCM is founded upon the success in the last three years of the Industry arm of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Mathematics and Statistics of Complex Systems (MASCOS), led by Mr David Shteinman. David is leading the ACCM and is focused on capturing and expanding this market. Existing MASCOS projects for the RTA, VicRoads, ANSTO and the Coal Industry are now being managed by the ACCM.

The Centre currently has two full time dedicated Senior Research Officers (SROs) and a Centre Manager who all come with a range of experience in applying mathematics and statistics to industry. The SROs have the benefit of academic consultation and assistance from members of the School (and other Schools where appropriate). This interaction will provide stimulus to research and research groups concerned.