The Master of Urban Development and Design program has been conducting a semester‐long advanced Urban Design Studio for the Redfern Waterloo district of Sydney.

The studio has been preparing an urban design and plan for the rapidly changing Redfern Waterloo district in the heart of Sydney. This long term vision addresses housing, jobs, transport, infrastructure, community, environment, and open space issues.

Strategically positioned in the cross‐hairs between the Sydney CBD and the Airport, and the Universities of Sydney and New South Wales; Redfern Waterloo is poised to become the future choice location of smart businesses and residents.

It is anticipated that over the next five to ten years, Redfern Waterloo will be the site of intense pressure for changes to its existing qualities and character. For some these are opportunities, for others they are threats. In either case this pressure will likely result in conflicts. Most importantly, good planning and design is essential for the future: planning and design that channels the stakeholders’ interests and enthusiasm into building opportunities and improving existing circumstances.

The studio’s concluding presentation saw students showcase their final designs and plans for the future of Redfern‐Waterloo, along with earlier analyses, plans, designs, and scenarios. The event was well attended with many attendees commenting on the professionalism and high standard of presentations.