This year’s Australian Research Council (ARC) grant outcomes proved highly significant for BE, with three grants awarded to the Faculty and a further two awarded in which BE has a strong role. 

In all, 10 members of staff were involved in these grants.  Catherine De Lorenzo is involved with two grants with COFA – a large LIEF (research infrastructure) grant on the Design and Art Australia Online ($240k) and a Linkage on Australian Art Exhibitions ($117k). 

 The City Futures Research Centre was awarded two major grants.  One, led by Katy Bridge and Bruce Judd, together with a strong team from the Industrial Design Program and industry partners Caroma Dorf, on livable bathrooms for older people, is worth a total of $740k.  The second grant, a Discovery led by Hazel Easthope, Bruce Judd and Ian Burnley, is on multigenerational households  is worth $171k.  Finally, Rob Freestone also received a Discovery on Exhibitionism in Planning ($152k). 

 In total, the funding of these projects (including partner contributions) is worth around $1.39m, which is a notable achievement.

 As outlined above the funding will support a range of varied projects each offering  a unique and progressive contribution to contemporary built environment design and urban management. 

 Our congratulations go out to all of the grant winners.