Josef Dick, a Senior Lecturer and QEII Fellow in the School of Mathematics and Statistics, is the recipient of the 2012 Christopher Heyde medal for his work in numerical integration. This is a prestigious award by the Academy of Science for research in Mathematics and Statistics. This year, the award was in the areas of applied, computational and financial mathematics. 

Josef is the second recipient of the medal. An extract from his citation is below:

Dr Dick’s main research achievements relate to numerical integration and, in particular, quasi-Monte Carlo rules. His research uses a variety of techniques from number theory, abstract algebra (finite fields in particular), discrepancy theory, wavelet theory and statistics, for the rigorous analysis of practical algorithms for computational problems.

He also often provides implementation of his algorithms in Matlab to bridge the gap between theory and applications of his work. He has successfully applied his ideas to point distributions on the unit cube for use in numerical integration algorithms, completely uniformly distributed sequences for Markov chain quasi-Monte Carlo algorithms and, most recently, to explicit constructions of uniformly distributed points on the sphere.