Dear Colleague,

Call for papers and poster presentations
34th International Geological Congress, Brisbane, Australia
5-10 August 2012

Convenors: Robert Riding (USA), Gregory Webb (Australia)

Keynote Address: Malcolm Walter (Australia)


This Symposium focuses on recent developments in our understanding of the formation, fabrics, geochemistry, and sedimentary roles of microbial carbonates. We welcome presentations on any aspects of these topics based on present-day and ancient examples in terrestrial, fluvial, lacustrine, and marine environments - including reefs, carbonate mud mounds, and methane seeps. We are especially interested in emphasizing the processes and factors that have affected the formation, abundance and distribution of microbial carbonates in space and time, and their significance for elucidating both long- and short-term changes in ocean-atmosphere chemistry and carbonate sedimentation.


We look forward to seeing you in Brisbane.

Robert Riding &  Gregg Webb