Attend the O-Week orientation program, commencing with the Faculty Welcome on Monday, 20 February 2012.
The O-Week program offers you the opportunity to meet staff and other new students, as well as learn how to survive and enjoy life at university. 

Schedule of Activities 

  • Deans Welcome: 10.00am – 11.00am Keith Burrows Theatre  G5 (Map Ref. J14) 
  • Individual Program Welcomes: 11.00am – 13.00pm 
  • Architectural Computing: Red Centre West Wing, Room 2001 (Map Ref. H13) 
  • Architectural Studies: Keith Burrows Theatre  G5 (Map Ref. J14)
  • Construction Management & Property: Webster Building, Theatre A (Map Ref. G15) 
  • Industrial Design: Square House Design Lab, Rooms G11 & G14 (Map Ref. E4) 
  • Interior Architecture: Red Centre West Wing, Room 5003 Forum Space (Map Ref. H13) 
  • Landscape Architecture: Old Main Building, Room 232 (Map Ref. K15) 
  • Planning: Old Main Building, Room 230 (Map Ref. K15) 
  • Lunch: 13.00pm – 14.00pm Naked Lady Fountain Lawn (behind Old Main Building, Map Ref. K15) 
  • Built Environment Yellow Shirt Faculty Tour: 14.00pm – 15.00pm 
For more information, please contact BE Student Centre
Phone: 9385 4799