CSRH is continuing to coordinate successful capacity building education programs funded by AusAID under the Australian Leadership Award Fellowship (ALAF) scheme. In February, in collaboration with the Centre for HIV Policy at the Party School of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, CSRH hosted 17 Chinese leaders in the Party Schools of the Chinese Communist Party from 14 provinces who undertook a three week training program in Sydney. The main aim was to foster capacity on HIV and social policy among these leaders in this field. Key issues on HIV policy which were addressed included policies related to HIV testing and treatment, human ethics, behavioural and biomedical interventions, and policy advocacy. CSRH is grateful to the UNSW Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and our community partners AFAO, ACON, Scarlett Alliance, NUAA, Sydney Sexual Health Centre, Kirkton Road Centre, ASHM and St Vincent’s Hospital for arranging field visits and briefings for the delegates.

In March, CSRH will host another group comprising 13 Chinese non-government organisation (NGO) leaders in the field of HIV. This program aims to empower civil society with the information needed to facilitate HIV prevention, treatment and care in China and to foster links between Chinese NGO leaders and their Australia counterparts. Key issues to be addressed focus on NGOs’ major challenges of financial and human resource management, program development and implementation, partnerships with other organisations, policy analyses and advocacy, as well as technical support for HIV testing, counselling and treatment, legal aid and care and support for people living with HIV, and meaningful participation in HIV responses by the most affected communities.