Update: scroll down to take a look at footage from the exhibition's opening night.

The 2012 Utzon Lecture Series has begun and this year’s event was launched with the Fifth Annual Paul Reid Lecture and the Masters of Urban Development and Design annual exhibition.

The Reid lecture titled, ‘Sticks and Stones will Make my Bones: Durability in Design’ was presented by Michael Neuman, the newly appointed Professor of Sustainable Urbanism and explored the concept of sustainable cities.

Sustainable Urbanism is a topical and contentious concept and drew a large, influential crowd from the urban development and design community. Professor James Weirick said; "The Annual Paul Reid Lecture in Urban Design, was a great success as a UNSW and BE event - we had a full house with an audience of approximately 400. The Reid Lecture now its fifth year, is strongly established in the Sydney urban development and design scene."

The evening also marked the official opening of the MUDD17 Exhibition in the Red Centre gallery. The exhibition showcases the work of MUDD17 students from 2011 and 2012. The comprehensive exhibition includes work from the international summer studio which saw them travel to New York and Berlin to investigate the sustainable urban development challenges facing these dynamic cities.

The event was run primarily by the MUDD17 students with support from the BE MUDD program staff. The project manager for the event, Bill Robertson said; “The staging of the Lecture, Event and Exhibition provided an opportunity for many of the students, to deal with the reality of an actual live project.  Their actions and decisions had a very real impact, and influenced how the event developed and came to fruition".

Lead graphic designer for the event, Kevin Ma XinZheng commented that the exhibition allowed students to showcase their work, map their progress and as well as the opportunity to meet people from industry.

The event would not have been possible without its generous sponsors,  AECOM, Bates Smart, Johnson Pilton Walker Allen Jack + Cottier, Colin Stewart Architects,  Hassell, Jacksonteece, Architectus  and Penelope Seidler.

The Exhibition will run until April 12 in the Red Centre Gallery, Faculty of Built Environment.

You can now view the exhibitions accompanying portfolio online

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