It's been a very successful couple of weeks for the School's Dr Chris Tisdell. His recently released e-book,Engineering Mathematics: YouTube Workbook” has become the number one download across maths and engineering on, the world’s largest e-book publisher. In addition, Dr Tisdell's popular YouTube channel has just surpassed one million views!

About the e-book:
“Engineering Mathematics: YouTube Workbook” is freely available via the website. It combines written lessons with online video tutorials, and each section within the workbook is linked to a video lesson on YouTube where Dr Tisdell discusses and solves problems.

The combination of written text with interactive video offers a high degree of learning flexibility, by enabling students to take control of the pace of their learning delivery. For example, key mathematical concepts can be reinforced or more deeply considered by rewinding or pausing the video. Open Educational Resources (OER) such as these are rapidly gaining momentum.

Dr Tisdell in one of his YouTube videos