Dr Mike Hirschhorn recently launched Sydney Srinivas’ new book, Srinivasa Ramanujan: A Tale of Agony and Ecstasy to a packed auditorium at Homebush Boys High School.

An article about the launch states:

“Hirschhorn, who has presented numerous papers on Ramanujan’s works for over three decades now, gave an illuminating presentation on his mathematical contribution. Partition Number, Continued Fractions and the legendary Taxi Number, were some of the technical aspects Hirschhorn dealt with”. See the article for more details.

Dr Hirschhorn also recently popped up on ABC radio. Last month, he won the Voice from the Vault segment on Adam Spencer’s Breakfast show for correctly guessing the voice, which was of mathematician Paul Erdos. A/Prof David Hunt was coincidentally the second caller in on the show.

Listen to Dr Hirschhorn speaking with Adam Spencer on the segment.