On Friday 15 June BArch students hosted the Opening Night of “Interiorspective”, celebrating the Semester 1 achievements of students and staff in the B. Interior Architecture Program. The traditional exhibition showcases the best work from Years 1-4.

Organised by BIA students through the new society INTASoc the event celebrates the achievements of staff and students.


There are 4 projects being shown:

Year 1 – Royal Botanic Gardens Foyer (Russell Rodrigo)

Year 2  Object Gallery Annex (Marco Pompili)

Year 3 – Bulletin Place Wine Bar (Bruce Watson)

Year 4 – Taylor Square Bike Hub (Sing D’arcy)


The following students received the Design Excellence Award: Sophie La, Emma Evans, Luis Gito, Belinda Lam, Eun-Jung Lee, Nicholas Zanette, Tracy Huang, Olivia Green, Marie Haykal, Natarsha Tezcan, Eun Hae Kim, Ashleigh Bennett and Tiana Giacomazzi.

The following students were awarded certificates for  their role as peer mentor (supporting year 1 students in their first month of studies): Dennis Le, Jessica Halim, Alyssa Suyko, Mitchell Tran, Samantha Raptis, Natarsha Tezcan, Thea Susilo, Christania Herman, Annabelle Tanuwidjojo, Rawail Khan, Peter Choi, Saem Cha and Eun-Jung (Grace) Lee.

Ellen Ferrier, Interior Architecture student commented:

“It was a lovely evening, complete with some ambient jazz music to please the ears, tasty mezze platters to please the tummy and lots of creativity to please the mind! The work displayed was of an exceptional quality; innovative, seductive and inspiring. 'Interiorspective' is a great opportunity to showcase the many talented Interior Architecture students that we have at UNSW...can't wait to see what designs will be produced next session!”

Congratulations to everyone involved.