We are delighted to announce that Associate Professor Bruce Henry has taken the reins as our new Head of School.

A/Prof Henry brings to the position his wealth of experience across more than two decades of service within the School. He first joined UNSW as a Lecturer in Applied Mathematics, and was appointed an Associate Professor in 2004. In recent years he has served as our Deputy Head of School.

A/Prof Henry is Director of the esteemed UNSW School Mathematics Competition, which is now in its 51st year. He is also Editor of Parabola Incorporating Function, a journal which promotes excellence in secondary school mathematics education.

During his time in the School, A/Prof Henry has taught an array of courses across all levels, supervised honours and postgraduate students, and spearheaded the development of a course in mathematical modelling. He has also enjoyed ARC grant success, most recently for his project "New mathematics of fractional diffusion for understanding cognitive impairment at the neuronal level".

A/Prof Henry’s research interests encompass pattern formation, random walks, anomalous diffusion, fractional calculus, applications of chaos and fractals, neuronal degeneration, nonlinear lattice dynamics and statistical mechanics.                                                                   

As an internationally competitive researcher, he has published numerous scientific articles, including highly cited papers in leading journals, research review book chapters, encyclopedia articles, and pedagogic magazine articles.

The School of Mathematics and Statistics is very proud to welcome Associate Professor Bruce Henry into his new role as Head of School.