On Monday 21 August students from across Architecture disciplines had the opportunity to attend a studio with Marion Weiss and Michael Manfredi from Weiss/Manfredi in New York.

Marion and Michael talked to the studio class about the importance they place on education, both are still involved in teaching and believe that education never stops, we are always developing new passions and interests in our chosen field.  They spoke about their time at university and the importance they place on interdisciplinary study amongst the architecture subjects.

Marion and Michael work across disciplinary boundaries in their projects and encourage this approach. They spent time looking at student work giving feedback and insight and listening to the students ideas.

Ann Quinlan, Program Director, Architecture, UNSW spoke about the origins of the UNSW Built Environment Red Centre building and the significance of the "forum" space in the design thinking of Aldo Giurgola, who was the principal design architect for the Red Centre. Marion and Michael worked together in his office, Mitchell/Giurgola in Philadelphia before they started their practice together.

Linda Corkery, Program Director, Landscape Architecture, UNSW said “We were pleased they could spend time with some of students from the graduating studios of Architecture, Interior Architecture and Landscape Architecture to informally critique their emerging projects. It was also an opportunity for our students to see work from the other programs, something we all agree needs to happen more frequently”.