We are delighted to announce the publication of the second edition of Planning Australia: An Overview of Urban and Regional Planning. This book is edited by Healthy Built Environments Program (HBEP) Director, Associate Professor Susan Thompson, together with planning colleague Associate Professor Paul Maginn from the University of Western Australia. The first edition was an award winner and widely adopted as a planning text across Australia. 

Fully revised and updated, this edition of Planning Australia features contributions from a mix of established and early career academics, together with practising planners. Many of the chapters are authored by staff from the Planning Program of the Faculty of the Built Environment. PhD candidate and casual research assistant in HBEP, Ms Jennifer Kent, is one of the authors of a new chapter entitled ‘Healthy Planning’. Copies of the second edition of Planning Australia can be ordered direct from the publisher, Cambridge University Press. 
Article credit: City Futures Newsletter, August 2012