Associate Professor Catherine Bridge is a keynote speaker at the NSW Home Modification and Maintenance Services State Council's (HMMS) 2012 Home Modifications: A National Perspective Conference in Sydney 10-12 September.  The conference will explore the emerging reforms and trends within the Community Care Sector and disability industries.

Catherine is the Director of the Home Modifications Information Clearinghouse (HMinfo) which is part of the Enabling Built Environments Program (EBEP) at the City Futures Research Centre.  Her research interests are in social sustainability and how the built environment (at all scales from interior design of private housing to transport and urban planning) influences people's quality of life and mental and physical health and wellbeing. 

Catherine has been instrumental in researching the intersection of environmental impact on human performance - her funded research has been sustained and substantial.  The majority of research reports are available online and have made a significant impact nationally and internationally on both housing policy and practice and have been cited in National Productivity Commission reports.

See the EBEP website for more details.