Research Associate Crystal Legacy is a part of our City Futures Research Centre. After completing her PhD in urban planning at the University of Melbourne 2010, Crystal has continued her work into the development of inclusive cites here at BE. 

The publication, titled 'Building Inclusive Cities: Women’s Safety and the Right to the City’ is the result of a collaboration of a small number of female authors. Underpinned by a global context the initial launch fittingly took place at the World Urban Forum in Naples on September 4th.

We contacted Crystal and asked her to give us an insight into its content and intentions.

Crystal said; “The book provides a cross-cultural exploration, as well as a comprehensive multi-disciplinary examination of women’s safety from developed and developing nations. It documents innovative practice and builds theory around a human rights perspective on women’s safety.”

“It brings academics, activists and practitioners together to reflect on the barriers and opportunities around women’s safety and describes the leading rationalities, tools and strategies for moving beyond those barriers. 

“We hope that the book will inspire thought and action.”

This topic relates closely to Crystal’s current research into the governance of cities, particularly her interest in creating inclusive cities and engaging communities in planning processes. Crystal hopes to continue this focusing on the techniques used to engage communities and the institutional arrangements that support inclusive and collaborative planning processes.

Asked to surmise her experience surrounding this publications Crystal said;

“I had the pleasure of working with an amazing and energetic group of authors from around the world.  I want to first thank them for their commitment to this book and their passion.

I also want to thank the wonderful team of co-editors and especially the lead editor Carolyn Whitzman for giving me the opportunity to take part in bringing this important collection together.”

The book will be relaunched at the University of Melbourne on Friday October 19th by Mary Crooks, AO, Executive Director of the Victorian Women’s Trust. We offer our warm congratulations to Crystal for this literary achievement.

Other key contributors to this publication are;

Carolyn Whitzman, University of Melbourne, Australia,

Caroline Andrew, University of Ottawa, Canada,

Fran Klodawsky, Carleton University, Canada,

Margaret Shaw, Independent Consultant, Canada

Kalpana Viswanath, Women in Cities International, India

To find out more about the book or to purchase a copy visit: