Andrea Wechsler, Industrial Design PHD student was in the Sydney Morning Herald's special report on university research this week.

This year Andrea won a prize for a paper she presented at the eddBE 2011 conference in Brisbane, the First International Postgraduate Conference on Engineering, Designing and Developing the Built Environment for Sustainable Wellbeing. She was also nominated (as a part of a group from the SMaRT Centre) as a finalist in the inventor of the year award by NSi. Andrea was also nominated as UNSW international student of the year awards.

Andrea’s degree is a PhD in Built Environment; however she is doing Interdisciplinary research between the Faculty and the School of Material Sciences and Engineering. Her research is based on the development of sustainable panel materials for the Built Environment. These materials are food industry and forestry by products, bonded with a non toxic and renewable adhesive. She aims to develop a material to use in our daily life; this new composite panel material is local, weather and use resistant, healthy, environmentally friendly; and aesthetically integrated with the prime sources.

Congratulations Andrea on your successes.