Scott Hawken, BE lecturer in urban development and design is currently in Mumbai attending Urbio 2012 - the 3rd international conference on urban biodiversity. The conference coincides with the 11th conference of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) in Hyderabad. The CBD was initiated two decades ago at the 1992 Earth Summit.

The world is facing unprecedented levels of biodiversity loss, this is critical not only for the health of the planet but for the durability and resilience of urban areas. Scott’s paper will address cities in Southeast Asia and their location in anthropogenic biomes more than a millennium old - the paper is titled ‘Industrial Cities in Pre-industrial landscapes’.

Scott has also been selected to represent UNSW at the U21 workshop for Early Career Researcher development. The 3rd Early Career Researchers (ECR) Workshop will be held on 5-6th December 2012 at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China, on the theme of “Merging Theory into Practice: Ecological Urban Design.” It is a cross-disciplinary workshop to allow for open discussions between academics from diverse and complementary research backgrounds. Scott said; “I’m looking forward to the U21Workshop where I will be able to develop my research interests and also be involved with one of the most prestigious universities in China”. 

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