In recognition of their strong inter-disciplinary collaboration, Sid Newton (Construction Management) and Russell Lowe (Architecture) have been awarded a prestigious Office of Learning and Teaching (OLT) grant, announced by the Minister for Higher Education and Skills, Sharon Bird today.

The project will build on the hyper-immersive virtual reality simulation system (The Situation Engine) previously developed by the group, by combining it with an adaptive eLearning system (Smart Sparrow). The hybrid system will provide an open and scalable platform to support key academic, industry and student stakeholders in the definition and assessment of practice-ready learning outcomes in architecture and building. The project is funded for $217K over 2 years. The team, led by UNSW, involves collaboration with UWS, UofAdelaide and UniSA. Examples of the system functionality are available at Background information, further resources and downloads are available at

Construction Management and Architecture students experience and interact with a virtual building site for domestic construction using the Situation Engine