UNSW PhD student Josh Harle joins an impressive group of artists selected to amaze and inspire us at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney. The June ARTBAR event Unreal! is a one night only art, music and performance event curated by Tully Arnot.

This ambitious work is the most recent in a series of 3D reconstructed spaces, and explores issues of physical presence and virtual space. Josh will be reconstructing a photo-realistic video game capturing the five levels of the MCA, including all of the art works in the 18,000m2 of gallery space.

Josh will host an open studio at The Rocks in the lead up to Unreal! that will showcase his process in building the mammoth digital model of the museum and its works. His studio window will display a large screen featuring time-lapse video as the project progresses, engaging passers-by in his whole process. The end result will be an interactive video game that MCA ARTBAR visitors can play and explore.

The ongoing open studio will run from 18 - 27 June 2013, 77 George St, The Rocks, Sydney.

ARTBAR’s Unreal! exhibition is on 28 June 2013, 7 – 11pm, Museum of Contemporary Art.

For more information see more on the Artbar event, Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney.