Congratulations to Professor Bill Randolph, Professor Martin Loosemore, Dr Hazel Easthope, and Dr Simon Pinnegar for their successes in the Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Project grants announced on 28 June.

Project Title: Renewing the compact city: economically viable and socially sustainable approaches to urban redevelopment in a complex multi-stakeholder environment

Researchers (BE staff in bold): Randolph, Prof Bill; Easthope, Dr Hazel; Pinnegar, Dr Simon M; Adams, Mr Toby; Petzel, Ms Sarah; Stiles, Ms Karen; Manickam, Mr Suresh; Allen, Mr Michael; Porter, Ms Leanne

Duration: 3 years

Total Funding: $229,193.00

Partner Organisations: Urbangrowth NSW, Macquarie Bank Ltd, NSW Fair Trading, Strata Community Australia (NSW), Australian College of Community Association Lawyers Inc, Owners Corporation Network of Australia Ltd

Project Summary: This project will investigate a key challenge facing city planners in Australia over the next 30 years: how to renew older areas of multi-unit housing, providing not only economically but also socially viable solutions within a market context and enable all players - developers, policymakers and residents - to benefit from the coming city redevelopment.

Project Title: Building gender equity and diversity in the Australian construction industry

Researchers (BE staff in bold): Loosemore, Prof Martin; Powell, Dr Abigail; Chappell, Prof Louise A; Dainty, Prof Andrew; Collins, Ms Kara; Fuller, Ms Kylie; Broderick, Ms Elizabeth; Tilly, Ms Jo

Duration: 3 years

Total Funding: $307,000.00

Partner Organisations: Loughborough University, Lend Lease Communities, Brookfield Multiplex Ltd, Australian Human Rights Commission, Diversity Council Australia Limited

Project Summary: This project will investigate the construction industry's informal gender rules and their role in inhibiting policy measures to improve gender equity and diversity in the industry's professional ranks. The project will make innovative recommendations for shifting the stubborn gender imbalance.