UNSW Senior Lecturer, Dr Miles Park, was announced as a finalist in the professional category for the 2013 Reece Bathroom Innovation Award this month at Sydney InDesign.

Using this year’s theme, technology, entrants had to design a bathroom product selecting either a destination space; a sustainable space; or an independent space as their category. Using the independent space category, Miles designed an integrated shower system unit, the ZIS Shower, that uses advanced technology with a focus on usability and safety.

The ZIS Shower has a tap mixer control inside and outside the shower with a convenient LCD screen to enable users to select their temperature without getting wet. This safety feature is ideal for users of all ages and for parents and carers. Water conservation was also taken into consideration. The shower includes an alarm system that sends out a pulse at 3 and 5 minutes, encouraging users to keep an eye on the time when showering. Another important feature is the hand shower that is mounted on a vertical hand rail for ease and safety, highlighting the theme of an independent space.

UNSW BE congratulates Miles on his innovative design.

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