Last night the Twilight Harbour Tour embarked from Circular Quay with an enthusiastic bunch of passengers led by tour guides and landscape architecture experts, Associate Professor Linda Corkery and Lecturer, Christopher Walsh.

The passengers were led to key post-industrial Sydney Harbour sites to learn about the history and design intentions over some light refreshments and a stunning sunset.

Christopher says that despite the weather the experience was ‘luminous’.

“It was a little wet and blustery but we had some stellar moments in safe harbours and even sunshine. I really enjoyed it,” he said.

“(There were also) plenty of questions and illuminating conversations.”


On board the boat were 36 passengers, a mixture of landscape, architecture and commerce students, and industry professionals, including an architect from the Department of Housing, two masters students from Sydney University and others from the public who simply shared an eye and an interest in landscape architecture.


Christopher says of particular interest were the thread of new parks and their relationship to Sydney’s industrial heritage, the role of these projects in cleaning water before returning it to the harbour and the generation of power to run the parks.

If you missed out on the tour Christopher recommends visiting the sites in your own time.

“The Barrangaroo project is a great one to visit in the future as the headland park will not be completed till 2015, making the water the only way to witness this project unfold. The rest will not be finished till 2020, so plenty of time to see the commercial precinct develop.”

Thanks to the expert tour guides and the Hoochie Mama crew for providing a great atmosphere and brilliant experience.