"To continue to produce the best graduates in Australia we need to make sure that we continue to innovate. Among other things this means that we need constantly to rethink and upgrade our teaching and research spaces, facilities and equipment.” - Alan Peters, Head of the School of the Built Environment Faculty

UNSW Built Environment students will benefit from a range of new creative spaces, including the Digital Fabrication Lab, Liveability Lab, two new state of the art design studios, a teaching room dedicated to AGSU students and the re-vamped gallery exhibition space. 

Students will have the chance to enrol in an Experimental Modelling subject in semester one of 2014 and learn to operate and utilise the Digital Fabrication Unit’s new equipment. The Digital Fabrication Lab houses a number of 3D imaging machines and printers including a Zund S3 textile cutter, an Mcor IRIS 3D paper printer, six plastic 3D printers and Universal laser cutters. 

Students will be able to explore their creativity in the brand new design studios in the Square House, located at the west end of the campus, fitted with ceiling acoustics, self-healing desks for cutting and room-wide projection capabilities. Downstairs, a new Liveability Lab, the first of its kind within an Australian University, features motion-recording computer technology.