Dr Shane Geha, who received his PhD at the graduation ceremonies in June, held a PhD party to celebrate. Shane asked his guests not to bring presents and to, instead, support BE students in completing their studies. Shane raised $7,250 at the party and presented the cheque to BE.

Shane is the Executive Director of EG Property Group and with Michael Easson, the Group’s Executive Chairman, they support BE’s Easson Geha Award in Planning.  First offered in 2007, this award assists students in the final year of their planning degree and this donation will help fund its continuation.  

“EG Property Group chooses to donate to UNSW BE as it has the reputation of being the best planning faculty in Australia. Over the years I have had the opportunity to be a guest lecturer at the faculty.  Michael is an alumnus of UNSW and served on its Alumni Board. We have a high regard for the faculty’s programme and its staff", said Shane.

Shane and Michael believe scholarships are crucial to the development of excellence in young people.  EG actively seeks and employs new graduates to work with them in numerous roles and their advice to students considering a career in the built environment is:

Most easy things in life are not worthwhile.
Patience and determination are core values.
Remembering the goal but concentrating on enjoying the journey.

We would like to congratulate Shane on being awarded his PhD and thank him for this thoughtful way to celebrate a wonderful achievement.  Awards can make a meaningful difference to our students and we are grateful to Shane and his guests for their generosity.