The challenge?

There is a lot of action behind the scenes at SBS Television and the Business Manager of Broadcast Operations is in the thick of it.

Jackie Turner has been with the broadcaster for nearly 17 years. With her team of five, she is responsible for the resource management, reporting and budget for the entire broadcast operations unit. That includes all TV, Radio and Subtitling resources from transmission through to hair and makeup.

It’s a very big job. Coupled with her involvement as project team leader of a major outsourcing project, Jackie is a woman who truly values time management.

“I was putting in really long hours and needed to regain some balance” says Jackie. “I wanted to more effectively manage the change I was leading while maintaining control of the ‘business as usual’ side of my role.”

The experience?

Jackie’s says her Leading from Within program was a “wonderful experience” that was like nothing she has done before. “It was quite confronting at times as the feedback is very personal. But in my group of 12, I did feel I was in a safe environment for putting the feedback into action” she says.

Jackie’s program has a strong focus on developing self awareness and understanding personal impact. That includes everything about your style and your behaviour. “There is so much to remember at once” says Jackie. “I have learned to be mindful of my body language, how I stand, the words I use and my tone of voice.”

“I’m not a behind the camera type of person” laughs Jackie. “But I could really see how it helps to understand my impact on others and how I can influence their reaction to what is taking place around them.”

Jackie says that the AGSM program presenter, Peter Fisher, has a “wonderful energetic and open style” and that his ability to “push the boundaries using humour and honesty was really refreshing and innovative.”

“Denise (Weinreis) has a different style from Peter and was a perfect contrast for our coaching in self awareness and self management” says Jackie.

Jackie’s group included people from retail, law, finance and accounting. “There were a lot of physical activity, discussion, presentation and role playing” says Jackie. “The energy in our group really enhanced the fun and the valuable learning.”

The impact?

“I’ve definitely developed new skills” says Jackie. “To a certain extent I view my training as a reward for the effort I’ve put in at work but it’s also a smart investment on the part of SBS.”

“I do feel I have a much better understanding of my actions and communication skills” she says. “I’m thinking more about how I communicate, I’m looking at reactions rather than just delivering the ‘let’s get it done’ message.”

Jackie feels she has greater confidence in managing her workload too. So much so, she has made a generous commitment of her time to coach and develop one of her team members.

“I’m making decisions with greater confidence, delegating and I believe, communicating more effectively” says Jackie. “I’m far more aware of the importance of every conversation and delivering the right message.”

Although she is possibly even busier since deciding to mentor her team member, Jackie says she feels better equipped to manage the “bigger picture” and not sacrifice what she really enjoys doing.

“Ultimately, what I am doing will free up my time and add efficiency to the organisation. It’s well worth it.”