Examples of UNSW Built Environment links to industry and work placements include architecture students who have taken placements with Scott Carver and Lend Lease over the last few months, allowing them to contribute to industry projects and gain practical experience while continuing their studies.

Five enthusiastic Built Environment students Niloofar, Jerome, Scott, Temyka and Anupama are already contributing across the Scott Carver studio on a range of exciting projects. They work full time during breaks and part time during semester.

Niloofar Meshgini, a Masters of Architecture student says working at Scott Carver has allowed her to develop her potential and future direction.

“I work with a team of professional and dedicated people. There are so many exciting projects ranging from interior architecture to urban design which I am already contributing to.”

Fourth year Architecture student, Scott Walsh says the experience has given him an advantage among his student counterparts.

“I now have a much greater depth of knowledge than most other fourth year students. It has meant that I am able to get ahead of the rest with multi-residential developments, seeing as that is the future for Sydney.”

Scott has been working with the Managing Director, Rodney Paesler in the early design stages of a new development for 125 apartments.

“He was open to me having input with design decisions and solutions. I have been working on mainly multi-residential developments, as that was the field I wanted to work in. We have just completed a DA for 110, and are underway for another DA of 125 apartments. This scale is perfect for my learning where I am able to have a great input into the documentation of the project.”

The work placements have not only put their knowledge into practice but also allowed students to develop industry connections.

“Whilst I am only new I was able to attend a fundraiser hosted Hutchenson Builders. This alone gave me many connections into the building industry. Outside of that, dealing with the many architects in house has meant my network has grown dramatically.”

International student, Anupama Saha, who was also on placement at Scott Carver says it's the lessons learned outside the classroom that educate us the most.

“Nothing teaches like experience. Classroom theory is essential, but employers expect certain behaviours and understandings on commercial and practical boundaries. Work experience helps to round out the theory with experience.”

Work experience no doubt offers students the opportunity to develop the skills to apply what they know to practical situations but also the ability to communicate well, negotiate, think strategically, solve problems and influence others.

“Working while studying full-time may be an economic necessity. Whether driven by economics or personal preference, working experience in relative field can have a major impact on the course, professional career as well as in personal life.

“We also build contacts, enhance employment prospects and potentially earn more when we graduate with work experience in the industry.”

UNSW Built Environment Bachelor of Architectural Studies students, Nicole and Frank also received a placement at leading international property and infrastructure group, Lend Lease earlier in the year.

Nicole Chew is part of the commercial team at Lend Lease and has been working on the development of a new hotel at Darling Harbour.

“The scale of the project is like nothing that I have previously worked on, where there is a large team of architects and consultants working closely together every day. This has given my professional career a massive push forward. Lend Lease has helped guide and nurture my passion and professional growth, supporting all decisions and pathways I desire to experience.”

Frank Chin, also working at the international construction giant, Lend Lease, is currently working on the multi-billion dollar project, Barangaroo South. He has been involved in documentation across several sections of the building as well as aiding the conceptual team with difficult challenges through visualisation imaging.

“Some of the most enjoyable experiences to date include going to several site visits to explore and understand how different buildings are co-ordinated in construction as well as testing and researching different technologies within the office such as 3D printers and virtual world rendering sandboxes. Through the program, I have connected with a variety of people across the industry such as structural and lighting engineers, and project and construction managers. Through those connections, I have learnt new things about their roles as well as new opportunities that might help further expand my own career.”

UNSW Built Environment believes that encouraging and offering opportunities for practical experience is one of the greatest keys to the success of our students who want to break into the industry. Students from landscape architecture, planning, interior architecture and construction students also undertake internships and work with leading companies to develop networks and practical knowledge and skills.