Norman Wildberger video seminar
Associate Professor Norman Wildberger has developed a small online course, "Math Terminology for incoming uni students". A/Prof Wildberger hopes this mini-MOOC will be useful to incoming first year students, especially those from a non-English speaking background.

The online course can be accessed via the Open Learning website

From the website:

"Entering university or college soon? Planning on taking some mathematics classes there--perhaps for your program in engineering, science or business?

If you want a refresher on the most important terminology and notation for first year university mathematics, then this short course is just for you. The course will be especially useful if you are from a non-English speaking background.

In 7 easy lessons, each covering a different topic, award winning teacher A/Prof N J Wildberger will summarize key mathematical concepts and language, and give you important tips on how to write mathematics successfully. Each lesson consists of a video about 30-45 minutes long and also about 15-30 minutes of activities

This is a short course which focusses on the most important concepts and words together. As a bonus, you'll get a quick and useful review of a lot of essential high school mathematics. These are the facts and knowledge that leading universities, such as UNSW, expect you to understand as a first year maths student.

So sign up, join the course, and roll up your sleeves for some fun and challenges that will boost your comprehesion of mathematics, and smooth your way into first year university or college. 

Start date: Learn at your own pace".