I am delighted to announce that UNSW Built Environment has introduced two new undergraduate and two new postgraduate degrees.

Following three years of development, UNSW Built Environment in partnership with Tongji University’s College of Architecture and Urban Planning in Shanghai is offering the UNSW Bachelor of Architectural Studies and Tongji Bachelor of Engineering (Architecture) as a dual degree. Students will receive two testamurs in Architecture on graduation, enabling further study in Master of Architecture programs at both universities, and elsewhere. All study will be undertaken in the English language.

The dual undergraduate degrees give students a unique opportunity to study in two pre-eminent architecture schools in Australia and China. The program of study has been designed to take best advantage of the global experience providing graduates with unparalleled exposure to the educational advantages on offer from both programs of study. Students who feel that their future career could encompass a more mobile and global perspective would be well advised to examine this pathway of study.

UNSW Built Environment has an established reputation of being a leader in the study of computer technology and its application to architecture. Our other new undergraduate degree replaces the Bachelor of Architectural Computing with the cutting edge Bachelor of Computational Design (CoDe) with specialised skills across seven distinct areas of expertise. CoDE is unique in Australia offering a platform of digital knowledge relevant to all the built environment professions from a design perspective.

The new post-graduate offering, Master of Urban Development and Design (Extension) builds on the existing Master of Urban Design and Development (MUDD) program providing a deeper studio based additional semester of study. Students who choose to undertake the Extension option in MUDD will be expected to graduate as Urban Designers with advanced technical, academic and leadership skills.

Finally, the Master of Sustainable Built Environment (Extension) is also an advanced, post-professional degree for built environment and related professionals, offering with the additional semester of study advanced skills in leadership and innovation to meet the growing challenges of sustainable development in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.

At UNSW Built Environment, we understand it is imperative to deliver progressive and relevant education to equip graduates with outstanding capabilities in a global context. Built Environment professions are being recognised as increasingly important to achieve more sustainable and liveable cities.  These four new degrees are designed to offer students deep connections with world class research and direct experience of international standards of best practice, to deliver graduates with the skills for successful, global careers.