Last night UNSW Built Environment farewelled students who took part in the U21 Summer School programme.

During their stay, students took part in a series of integrated presentations, workshops and excursions relating to the theme “Shaping the Future City”. To accommodate the diversity of disciplines of participating students and staff, the program covered five main sub-themes relating to the future city: Connected, Inclusive, Resilient, Healthy and Beautiful. As well as these exciting and engaging on-campus activities, the Summer School provided many opportunities for students and staff to make the most of Sydney’s world-renowned natural beauty and attractions.

On their last day, students made impressive presentations on the various topics which were addressed during the programme. Students were placed in groups, with each group presenting in front of a panel of experts for 5 minutes each followed by an additional 5 minutes of question and answer with the audience and panellists. The best presentations were awarded at the closing ceremony held at Taroonga Zoo.