UNSW Built Environment is pleased to present the six filmed lectures of Harry Seidler from 1980, while he was inaugural visiting professor at UNSW - the first Australian university to offer him such a post.

This year also marks the 15th anniversary of Seidler's UNSW honorary Doctor of Science of 1999.

The lectures are a unique summary of Seidler's architectural philosophy and approach to modern design - his details, construction, aesthetics, philosophy on housing and even two lectures of how he saw an affinity between the baroque and modern form. Each lecture is illustrated with slides and the footage shows his pointer dot so that viewers can relive the teachings from this modern master.

The lectures were previously sold in a video format and UNSW is now pleased to make this educational content available to a wider audience at no cost. For anyone wanting to understand modernism and Harry Seidler's architecture - watching these lectures is a must.

The lectures will also assist students and architectural passionates to prepare for a deeper understanding in time for the Museum of Sydney's upcoming exhibition "Harry Seidler: Architecture, Art and Collaborative Design"  from 1 November 2014-8 March 2015.  

Watch Harry Seidler's lectures on Architecture