The successful students’ experience springs from the strong foundation and strategic partnership established in 2008 between the Australian School of Architecture and Design (UNSW Faculty of Built Environment) and the IUAV University of Venice through a Memorandum of Understanding between the two universities which aims to foster staff and student exchange and cooperative research.

This has been achieved through the Student Exchange program (starting in 2008), the Venice Workshop International Studio (called now Wa.Ve Workshop Architettura Venezia), with the Australian School of Architecture & Design -  Master of Architecture Program (MArch 2008) and the Australian School of Urbanism - Urban Development and Design International Studios (MUDD 2010 - 2013) - UNSW Built Environment.

IUAV University of Venice

Established in 1940,  the Istituto Universitario di Architettura di Venezia (IUAV) has a strong teaching and research profile in architecture design, urban planning and architecture history. Internationally re-known architects and academics who taught at IUAV include Vittorio Gregotti, Carlo Scarpa, Giancarlo De Carlo and Aldo Rossi (architecture and urban design); Leonardo Benevolo, Giovanni Astengo and Pierluigi Cervellati (urban planning); Manfredo Tafuri, Francesco Dal Co e Bruno Zevi (architecture history).

The Venice Experience

Venice is a unique city located in the northern part of Italy in the Veneto region. The cultural enriching experience of living and studying in Venice is an invaluable opportunity for UNSW Built Environment selected students as they are exposed to international current architecture ideas including the visit to the Biennale of Architecture within a historical city.

Current Student Exchange Agreement (2008-current)

IUAV students

Each semester two Master students from IUAV are offered the opportunity to study at UNSW Built Environment and attend architecture or urban design courses and other UNSW Built Environment courses or electives.

The Australian School of Architecture and Design School (UNSW Built Environment) Students:

Each semester two UNSW Built Environment master of architecture students are offered the opportunity to study at IUAV if their second language is Italian or maximum 4 master of architecture students are offered to enrol in one of the English spoken three weeks Intensive Course offered every July at the W.A.Ve Workshop Architettura Venezia  (    Following up from the very positive feedback from two of our architecture master students who attended the Bolles + Wilson English workshop at the W.A.Ve 2013 as UNSW Built Environment exchange students, four selected students 1. Hugo, Chan 2. Plini,  Roessler-Holgate 3. Benny Shuo, Zheng  4. Demas, Rusli from the master of architecture attended this July the W.A.Ve 2014.

The three intensive weeks of design were led by some of the best architects in Italy and abroad.

Workshops were held by: Carrilho da Graça, Alejandro Aravena, Adalberto Dias, Bolles + Wilson, Mathias Klotz, Bernard Lassus, Mi Qiu, Carme Pinos, Ricardo Porro, Vojteh Ravnikar, Rudy Ricciotti, Paolo Soleri, E. Souto De Moura, G. Vazquez Consuegra, Elia Zenghelis, Anupama Kundoo. IUAV School of Architecture in Venice provided UNSW Built Environment students with the opportunity to have a practical experience concentrated in time and strongly focused on in-depth training objectives and concluded with an exhibition of the students’ work.

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