UNSW Art & Design staff Associate Professor Paul Thomas is leading Creating An Art/Science Cloud Curriculum, a workshop presented by the Leonardo Education and Arts Forum (LEAF) at Cornell University.

The workshop is part of the university’s inaugural biennial Intimate Cosmologies: The Aesthetics of Scale in an Age of Nanotechnology, which features several events and projects by artists working in collaboration with Cornell scientists and researchers.

It will take place on September 20, 2014, and bring contemporary scholars, artists, scientists and theorists in art and science together to establish a fundamental set of considerations that will enable students to meaningfully engage in an integrated study of studio art and research-based science.

Thomas will also speak at the Biennial Symposium on September 19 and his collaborative work with Kevin Raxworthy, Nanoessence, will be exhibited at John Hartell Gallery, Sibley Hall from September 22 -October 10. The installation compares atomic structures and vibrations between living and dead skin cells when touched by the Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) cantilever.