UNSW Galleries presents Signs of Life, a program of exhibitions, live laboratories and projects exploring the relationship between creative expression and specialised scientific fields.


Body Image 

6 September – 8 November

Body Image reveals new, compelling, arts-led modes of visualising complex scientific and biomedical data. Bringing together art and medical science, the exhibition takes viewers on enthralling visual journeys inside the human body, discovering aspects of blood flow, organ and cellular behaviour. 



Amnesia Lab 

20 September – 8 November

Amnesia Lab is an ongoing collaborative research project involving artists, writers and neurosychologists from the UK and Australia. For Signs of Life, the Amnesia Lab looks into the human brain and the processes of memory. 



Quo Vadis: the last drawing show 

20 September – 11 October

Now that drawing no longer bears the burden of underwriting the fundamental unity of the visual arts, it is timely to ask how it might maintain some kind of relevance in a world in which representations are in constant motion and proliferate at the speed of light. Quo Vadis: the last drawing show attempts to suggest some answers to this question.