Sydney Architecture Festival in association with information and cultural exchange and the school of Architecture and Design, Faculty of the Built Environment at UNSW Australia present the exhibition 'Dream Discotheques for Parramatta'.

The exhibition is part of the Sydney Architecture Festival's 2014 program. To be presented at the Parramatta based, Information and Cultural Exchange (ICE) from 7-21 November 2014, the Dream Discotheques for Parramatta Project stems from an ongoing collaboration involving ICE and the UNSW Australia’s Faculty of the Built Environment.

Led by co-curators/producer Dr. Dijana Alic (UNSW) and Jonathan Wilson (ICE), Masters students from the School of Architecture and Design worked hard to research and design dream discotheques.

Using three heritage buildings - Roxy Theatre, Astra Theatre site and Cumberland Land and Investment Building - students have explored the relationship between contemporary and heritage architecture, community history and demographic change, remnant architecture and urban development.

Brilliantly resolved, the students' hard work, has resulted in a range of exciting conceptual nightclubs that anticipate the explosion of economic, population and cultural growth/investment set for Paramatta and its residents over the coming years.

Through highly individual design proposals, students reveal their take on the role architecture plays in the formation and expression of multiple suburban and urban identities. Importantly, their design concepts aim to show how lost spaces can be revitalised as well as offer new possibilities for historic buildings in a contemporary city.

To see these designs – and very idiosyncratic plans for Parramatta after dark, step on out… and visit Information and Cultural Exchange between 7-21 November 2014. 

Dream Disco for Parramatta Information and Cultural Exchange
7 – 21 November 21, 2014 (Free Admission)
8 Victoria Road, Parramatta

For more information visit the Cultural Exchange website or phone 02 9897 5744.