An elective course of International Construction Study Tour to China was established this year, and was run jointly with the partner university - Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST). 

During 17-30/Sept., Dr. Cynthia Wang and 15 Bachelor of Construction Project Management students travelled to Wuhan city in China and lived on the partner university’s campus. Students attended lectures given by academics in the Department of Construction Management in HUST, and the topics included Chinese construction history and current situation, construction project tendering, Three-Gorge project, Building Information Modelling used in China, etc.

Students also visited Greenland Construction Group’s construction site and exhibition centre in Wuhan, Wuhan Planning and Development Centre, CITIC General Institute of Architecture Design and Research, Wuhan Project Tendering and Bidding Centre, local Chinese residential community centre, etc.

Students embraced Chinese culture by visiting museums and historic buildings, attending Chinese language lessons, Martial Arts lessons, etc. They were thrilled by Chinese students’ friendly support and help during the study trip, from guided tours of the campus and the city, to bargaining on purchasing souvenirs.  They enjoyed playing various sports games with Chinese students and HUST’s international students.

Students thoroughly enjoyed the study trip and gave very positive feedback. Dr. Cynthia Wang is currently in discussion with HUST for continuing this collaboration and considering to open this course to other discipline students in the UNSW Built Environment faculty.