UNSW Art & Design is the Creative Campus of choice. We are committed to the pursuit of creative excellence. We encourage our students to explore, collaborate and experiment across different creative disciplines. We want our students to both ‘Learn More and Play More’ in the process of gaining a degree from Australia’s leading Art, Design and Digital Media faculty. 

We have 7 key strengths that will power your future:

  1. We are ranked Australia’s number one Art & Design faculty;

  2. We offer the largest number of creative disciplines and degree options on offer;

  3. Our campus features outstanding resource centres on campus capable of supplying more than 20,000 different items of art, design, multimedia and technical equipment to support all of your study needs;

  4. Our Portfolio Entry option that ensures all types of talent are recognised in the application process;

  5. Our industry networks mean we can offer 1,000 professional practice and internship opportunities integrated into every undergraduate degree program to ensure you are job-ready upon graduation;

  6. We recognise that creative talent demonstrates itself in many ways, and therefore we enrol students who have great ATARs and those who have produced outstanding art, design, multimedia and written works; and

  7. Our graduates achieve career success.  Not just a few, but hundreds and hundreds of our graduates, every year, establish careers in Art, Design, Media, Theory and Education in Australia and around the world.

These strengths and our creative industry networks will not only assist you to secure your first job, they offer you career long advantages.

If you want to be a creative practitioner, there’s no better place to launch your creative career than UNSW Art & Design.

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