UNSW Art & Design's new Master of Curating and Cultural Leadership degree builds on more than 20 years of experience in UNSW Art & Design in post-graduate education for arts and cultural professionals, many of whom are now prominent leaders across the Australian and international creative sector. 

Based on extensive industry engagement and consultation this exciting degree is designed for graduates and career professionals who aim to play a leading role in shaping the creative and cultural landscape of the future.

The Master of Curating and Cultural Leadership is critically and theoretically grounded and is conceived to prepare a new generation of curators and leaders to be strategically savvy. Cultural leaders and curators must understand how to spot opportunities in the cultural landscape, and look beyond institutional frameworks. Cultural professionals will increasingly be expected to understand the complexities of local and global situations from a social, economic and political perspective.

This new program sees contemporary curating as a diverse and dynamic profession, which plays a key role in setting cultural agendas and discovering new ground. It sees cultural leadership as deeply diverse and non-hierarchical. The new degree fosters connections between curating, audience engagement, policy, management, critical writing, promotion, production and the many new roles emerging in contemporary digital culture. 

View the latest issue of Artwrite here, a publication produced by Master of Curating and Cultural Leadership students.

More information about the degree can be found here.